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March 07, 2013


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Jamie, that was just beautiful. I am so glad you are going to go and comfort the grieving with your voice. Wishing you peace with the journey, and comfort as you say goodbye to someone dear. ((((hugs))))

Oh Jamie, Prayers. I love the closing image of that snowman praying the canticle.

They are all still in my thoughts as are you.

I thought of you and your post all weekend long. I didn't get to comment when I first read it because I didn't quite know what to say to do it justice since it moved me so! I wish you could share the song with us someday.

I'm glad you went with your husband, I hope that the Lord gave you strength to sing the song and be a blessing in the life of your sister-in-law and her daughters. I hope that it was a beautiful moment in a sea of sadness. Thank you so much for taking the time from your busy moments packing to share this with us, together with the beautiful image of the praying snowman.

Thank you. For blogging, for being a blessing on so many people's lives. Travelling mercies for everyone as well.

Jamie, I haven't commented on these posts yet because I don't really know what to say.... but I do want you to know that every time I read one, or think of you, I am praying for your BIL, SIL and their family, and for you and yours. Thank you for putting words to such hard things, so that I may ponder them as well away over here. And thank you for being an inspiration in your willingness to serve and love with your voice.

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