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March 27, 2013


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Sometimes just doing one thing begets mojo. I think if you could give the cozy it's 10 minutes, and not think about the balaclava, it would help. I might also frog the yarn for the fun project and hold re-starting it in better yarn as a reward for finishing something else. If it was me, I'd set the balaclava aside for the first chill in the air of fall, and knit like fury then.

I found with double-knitting its easiest to hold each color in a different hand. It requires knitting both right- and left-handed but prevents all the tangling. Since double knitting goes so slow (for me at least), it doesn't take that much longer holding yarn with the hand you're not accustomed to use.

"Probably the solution to my knitting doldrums is not to buy more yarn, huh?"

That's crazy talk. Buying more yarn is ALWAYS the solution.

YIKES! That balaclava is hideous and looks SOOOO hard! I'm not a knitter, so whatever I say won't make too much sense. ;)

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