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March 01, 2013


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Gotta admit it - I err on the side of bubble wrap. But only because I have had more than several unfortunate experiences with observing unexpected events unfold, causing harm to my children. Most of these events were due to the lack of proper supervision by the adults in charge.

However, I completely agree with your assessment of the chess tournament situation. And I become extremely frustrated with lack of communication from school -sponsored events. I agree with you! If you can trust your well-behaved children at the chess tournament and they haven't caused trouble, the team should too. I'm sure the adult in charge has your phone number.

Good luck. I hope your boys can continue to participate on this team.

I agree with you wholeheartedly. And I'm sorry you're being made to feel defensive, and I for one support you (totally uselessly via the anonymity of the Internet) to hold true to your version of parenting.

All I can say is AMEN! And Preach it, Sister!!!

And also yikes!! :-( I hope they can continue to go to tournaments!

Maybe they've had bad things happen with various kids over the years and have now made a rule that every child participant, regardless of past behavior, must be accompanied by an adult? Dunno. Seems to me that kids are regularly dropped off for activities, as apposed to the parents staying there, or at least, there seems to be an equal mix of kids dropped off and kids with parents/nanny present .... Maybe it depends on the sport or activity? And age of kids too ... I suppose I presume that the adults who are there, are the adults who will be in charge, you know?

In terms of ice skating. Ah, the memories ..... I skated every night (yes night) from the age of 8 onward, alone with my 9 year old brother, on the lake near our home. Mind, it was managed by the city, we weren't in the wilderness, technically speaking. We may as well have been, in terms of lack of adults. It was just kids in the evening. No helmets. And while assorted traumas occurred in my childhood, none there, interestingly.

I reserve helmets for bikes and scooter and such.

PS what I meant was, in terms of presumption of care, was in reference to the adults running the program, leading it etc, not the other parents who are accompanying their kids ....

Parental supervision of each child for the entire length of the tournament? Are they not selling enough snacks and thus missing their fund-raising goals?

How old is Joe? I would definitely leave my 3rd graders in a situation like that and keep checking back on them, but not my kindergartener.

I'm not interested in being a bubble wrap parent either, although I agree our society pushes for that. I laughed out loud at the little kids wearing helmets, elbow pads, and knee pads in our rollerskating classes. I can WALK faster than they're skating! Helmets seem like an overkill.

So we can leave our children all day in a class of 25-30 with one responsible adult, but not on a separate day with (presumably) many adults present to monitor the tournament? Yes, this makes complete sense to me.

Ugh. I can't let my kids play unsupervised in our front yard any more because a neighbor called the police on us one time. I'm afraid a second time might lead to CPS. We're already weirdo homeschoolers.

I think if you are comfortable leaving him and he's fine with being left that should be the end of the story. I wonder if the root of it isn't that someone is afraid of being held responsible if SOMETHING HAPPENS. It seems sort of like a CYA policy to me.

Well, I let my daughter learn to roller skate (indoors) without a helmet. Not that any were available, and I will add that no other children wore them. I wonder why ice is considered harder than...floor? It makes sense in actually hockey where there are pucks, sticks, and pile-ups...but learning to skate? All I can think is that they want to create the habit from the start.

I think a chat with the teacher about chess tournaments is warranted. In any case, her complaint should have been to you, not your child. Joe is not in control of your time management. I'm of the opinion that parents and teachers should only speak well of each other to the children so as not to put them in the middle. It's not always easy, but we do have ways to communicate with each other as adults and I think we should use them.

I'm also going to say that I think it's the definition of insanity to think there is ever any reason to put out a cigarette on a child.

Argh. I agree with you on this as usual. Here children are not allowed on the ice at ice rinks unless they are wearing helmets. So far they are not forcing adults to wear helmets but I bet in few years they'll force us to wear them as well.

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