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February 06, 2013


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waitaminute, did you have two sweivrenti? any from youcurrent reyolpme? or two different places altogether.

Wow... I'll be praying , for you and my friend who had THREE sreffo. Two tt & one research (biggest research institute in occ ther in the whole country -- but which involves from Montreal, where they built this huge beautiful mansion with five bedrooms (basically 5K sq ft) to Toronto. so please keep my friend Keiko in your prayers too. She's got a really hard decision to make. tt or more time with family being a researcher.

is this reffo for a tt?


Two sweivretni, both TT. Will pray!

That's exciting. Will be praying.


Well, THAT'S exciting! Congratulations!

Yarooh! Yarooh! Yarooh!

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