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February 18, 2013


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I AGREE!! I loved the episode too. And I think that you're right regarding that it was a good moment to die, after the crowning event of you life.

Now... a cousin of mine was saying that the estate is secure now that the baby has been born, but... if Patrick were to reappear, the estate still would be his, no? Can we talk hypotheticals about next season? (I have a list)...

I was devastated. Poor, poor Mary. She’ll never recover. And she won’t care for the child. The child is doomed. At least that’s my thought.

I was so happy for them to be a family. It’s just tragic.

It's getting a bit like a soap opera to me, but maybe that's the goal.


Yeah, I agree with Rebecca that the poor child would be doomed, were it not for the loving grandparents, maybe. But Mary will become the most unbearable creature in the world.

I hope Patrick comes back and marries poor Edith... but them, what will be of Mary & her son? Oh well, we'll see.

Well, I knew from the start that he wanted off the show and when I saw him come home from his honeymoon in a racy convertible, I said out loud that the car would be the death of him. I kind of hated being right, though.

I agree, it was awesome to see that the Crawleys had counterparts, and wow was that house garish with its weapons and taxidermy. Downton is positively genteel in comparison.

I think Matthew's character had quite the story arc and his time really counted. I hope Mary can find someone else who gets her. I don't want her to turn her life over to pulling the wings off of poor Edith for perpetuity.

I've always kind of liked Mary. She admitting being wrong way back when Bates caught her and that duke nosing around in the footmen's room. She never made excuses for herself regarding what happened with Pamuk. She stepped aside when Lavinia came into the picture. Mary doesn't forgive easily, herself or others (especially Edith). I'm really interested to see how parenting and parenting without Matthew change her. It may bring out the best in her.

Overall there were lots of things I liked about the episode (Scottland! Scenery!) and though I love the characters and I'm eager to find out what happens to them I do feel like Downton is losing its steam.

I agree 100%. It was a beautiful episode to watch. Scotland was a feast for the eyes. I, too, love the details -- the conductor locking the carriage doors, the fishing reels, the bread being buttered.

Sadly, I caught a spoiler so I knew Mathew was on his way out. Hearing the Crawleys were on holiday in Scotland, I was sure Mathew was gong to take a slug to the back, and given Lord Grantham's many mis-steps this season, I was sure he going to be the idiot who misfired. My other fear was that there would be another Lavinia-style death scene. I was actually relieved at that way it all turned out. (If you can be relieved that a character that cute has left your favorite show).

Like Kelly, I had Matthew's death spoiled-- what was I thinking going on Facebook on Sunday night? I was thinking my friends had more sense. When I saw they were going hunting I was sure that was how Matthew was going to get it. I have no idea what it would have been like to watch with no idea of what was coming.

I loved all the bits in Scotland. Agree about the luggage.

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