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February 03, 2013


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49 of them for me.

Jamie - good luck with your project. Here are my quick impressions of the books I have read that you have in blue:

Hunger Games – I didn’t like the idea of children fighting to the death. Couldn’t finish it.

Golden Compass – interesting. Still don’t really understand what the “dust” is. And the idea of one’s soul as a physical manifestation of an animal was weird.

The Kite Runner – so sad. Father/son relationships, friendships, betrayal. Humiliation. Is the culture of that country truly represented? I don’t know.

The Time Traveler’s Wife – Sort of redeemed itself in the end by the wife's extension of love.

My Sister’s Keeper – Be ready to cry. And as a mother of a child who was often very ill, I was embarrassed by the insight provided by the two “healthy” siblings and how they felt overlooked by their parents.

For what it's worth, The Godfather is also worse than the movie.

On the (very few) you'd rather read the prescription package insert: Lolita is one of my very favorite books, but it is definitely not for everyone because it is a minefield of triggers.

I've read 58 too! But not the same ones.

Can you connect with me on Goodreads? I'd love to compare books. I also read 58, many of the same ones but not all. I'm Nancy Piccione there.

I've only read 51! I was quoting Mrs. Darwin up above.

Nancy, I'll look for you.


Most of the ones I haven't read, are because I've sat with them (more than once) and for whatever reason, just couldn't.

Confession time; I've really only read 57 -- I realized that I hadn't read The Unbearable Lightness of Being, but one of Kundera's books of poetry. Mea culpa!

I think in honor of Green Eggs and Ham there should be a "books I have memorized" category.

I'm a little surprised you haven't read The Fountainhead. I've read it a few times and should probably read it again since it's been many years and I probably have a different perspective on some of the concepts.

I have trouble reading new things because I enjoy re-reading books that I love. To Kill a Mockingbird (which I think you may have introduced me to), Watership Down, Narnia books and The Hobbit et al I have read a minimum of 3 times each...some of them probably 10 times or more.

Unbelievably, 65. It's a great list--reminds me of some of the classics I have always said I would read but still haven't. Thanks for sharing the list, too--even though I'm active on Goodreads I hadn't seen the list.

I would also love to connect with you there--I don't comment often here so you don't really know me, but I have followed you a long time and appreciate your insights into faith, parenting, statistics, and life in the midwest...I figure I might also enjoy seeing what you are reading, and who knows, maybe vice versa! If you are interested, my name is in my email address. (I hope you will be interested!) Happy reading!!!

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