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January 30, 2013


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Congrats on making it through.

And uff da on the family questions, because I am right now, this very hour, reading my assigned "Management for Information Professionals" chapters on interviews and personnel, and Every Single Author lists the verboten questions. Children, family structure, private life? Right at the top of the list! Oy.

Yam ouy teg eht boj!

yep, very verboten. And irrelevant. would they ask a man?

and it took me a while to read the word backwards - I must be tired! God bless!

University administrator here again... I urge you to notify the university's equal opportunity director after you find out whether or not you got the job that they asked you repeatedly about your status as a parent. The fact that they asked does not mean they are illegally discriminating, however, if you didn't get the job after they interviewed you and found out that you had several children, it would be very difficult for the university to explain to the EEOC, if you filed a complaint.

Good luck! Questions like that make me growl. Grrrrrr.

Just curious -- is this not the place where you already go instruct students? :) Or is it another local institution?

I'm thinking of you and praying for the best possible outcome.

Lilian, this is a different institution. Thanks for your prayers!

Maybe it's a good sign! Maybe they are SO sure they want you for the job that the interview is a mere formality! They can't be at risk of discriminating against you if they know you're the one they want to hire, right?

oh, I'm glad it's a different place. I don't think we are at much advantage when we already work at one place. I hope for the best possible outcome, of course!

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