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November 27, 2012


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My boyfriend read all 6 Anne books (that is, all the ones that were in print at the time; I didn't even know there were more for years) when he was 20, because he had thought Megan Fellowes was cute in the BBC adaptation. I think he enjoyed them, too.

I read the Chronicles, but found them a bit tedious. Then again, I'm not a big fan of short stories - I like a longer story arc, I suppose.

My son (now 23) really liked the Anne books. I have not seen a literary-based gender divide amongst my children, the books they read, or the protagonists thereof. I tend to feel that when we delineate books as "boys' books/girls' books" or "what boys would like vs what girls would like" we simply set our kids up for yet more, completely unnecessary, gender division. I just load our bookcases/chuck books at my kids and don't worry about it (from a gendered point of view).

My husband loves Pat of Silver Bush and its sequel Mistress Pat. He sees them as a parable for the disadvantages of holding on too tightly.

Oh! My mom beat me to it, but I was going to mention my dad's fascination with the Silver Bush books. He loves them! I'm a fan too, actually. I don't like them quite as much as Anne, but definitely better than Emily.

My love for LMM was probably foreordained. They were some of the first English books my Italian-immigrant mother read when they moved to Canada, and she dragged my Dad to PEI on their honeymoon to see Green Gables. She was so excited to share them with me, and I can't wait to do the same with my kids, though at 3.5 and 2 I will have to wait a little longer.

Speaking of short stories, there was one released really recently. I read a version of it as a bootleg in the 1990s - it was then called "The Blythes are Quoted" and the stories dealt with folks who knew Anne's kids. There was one she wrote right before her death -- after the onset of WWII -- and it referenced Jem and Faith's kids, and those of Rilla and Ken Ford. If you enjoyed "Chronicles" it might be worth a look.

If you have trouble sourcing any, let me know and I would be glad to mail you some from Canada.

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