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November 04, 2012


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I do a lot of mixed roasted root vegetables - whatever we have but always potatoes and onions - and the radishes go in there.

Now I'm Google-ing radish recipes.

I saw lots of recipes for Indian dishes. Maybe you have a different type of radish though? Hm...and "picky kids" and "liking Indian food" may not go together.

Thanks so much for posting the link to the "ripeness" post: it is so loving and beautiful. (Now I want to learn to play, "Axis and Allies"! :))

roast them, with asparagus if you have them. FOr about 30 min at 350F. Add soy sauce and snipped up green onions for the last 5 mins. Yummy.
Think that was originally on kalyn's kitchen, adopted by blest on OWOA and then adopted by me. I'm not sure how much that resembles the original recipe!

I pickle them with vinegar, salt and honey and my kids devour them.

saute them in butter. If the greens are still fresh, toss them in at the last minute. It is really divine.

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