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November 17, 2012


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I think people still have an issue with it because breastfeeding moms are mostly still not "out of the closet." Even though most of the women I know who are moms did breastfeed they also found places to go to do it privately because they were uncomfortable doing it openly in public. Maybe it's just where I live but I'm not sure I've ever seen anyone breastfeed in public...or maybe they're just really, really discreet about it.
The facebook issue is...just bizarre. I wouldn't have known it was a breastfeeding pic. I saw baby with bacon. I find it VERY disturbing that the picture bothers people when I see nearly-naked pictures of 15-year-old girls "vogue-ing" for FB on a regular basis (as a part of monitoring my clients). Most of these are showing as much breast as that pic but have a very different intention...not that they even know what their intentions are except to have young boys tell them how hot they are.

and...I just read that last link. The swimsuit pic perfectly illustrates what I mean...except she's probably not in junior high or high school.

I just can't. I am still a little stunned from my child-development class discussion on the topic, the realization that all these people training to be school counselors were as one with the idea that breastfeeding is perfectly OK ... so long as no one ever sees you doing it. Because, you know, BOOBIES.

I mean, come ON. Boobies should only be seen in skin-tight camis and string bikinis. OBVIOUSLY.

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