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November 11, 2012


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Yes, I think you articulate much better than I did the experience of reading the book. I enjoyed the beginning and many later scenes as well. I really wanted to like it. Like you say, she seems to have an agenda and sometimes the voice sounds much more like a 21st century way of seeing the world. It's what drives me crazy about so much contemporary history and literary criticism, that tendency to read the past through one's own preconceived notions rather than trying to see it as a person of that time would have.

I can't wait to see your review of the other book.

I read this profile of Mantel, after feeling annoyed with the book, and she is surprisingly mystical for someone who has rejected her religion.


A very interesting profile. I think it explains a lot. So creepy about the ghosts and other spiritual stuff. I wonder if that explains her antipathy to the Church and to More. And terribly sad about her endometriosis and not having any children.

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