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October 05, 2012


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Prayers still.

I am allergic to conflict in a big way, so empathize with the heaviness of your heart.

Love to you.

Keeping you in my prayers on this one. (These sorts of conflicts are really my worst nightmare about school.)

I will keep praying. Our hardest year was with one teacher who quite frankly expected every child to fit the same mold. Our daughter didn't fit that mold, and it was obviously frustrating to this teacher. We did the best we could and she survived but I've often wondered what else we could have done.

It really sounds like (1) you presented the problem well, (2) the principal did a good job with the situation and (3) you really do have a fabulous kid! Good luck with it all; bad teachers are an annoyance.

I'm glad to hear that the meeting went fairly well and I hope that things do improve for him.

And I guess I had forgotten that we had one boy the same age -- Kelvin is also in 5th grade.

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