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September 21, 2012


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You're just so stinkin' smart that the most difficult thing for you must be how you remain so humble as you respond to simple folk like me. I am an admirer.

Fancypants Journal reviewers need a little lesson in basic statistical analysis and you are just the person for the job!


The scientific-type talk is interesting if over my head. But chocolate-applesauce muffins? Now you're speaking my language!

I hope you like them!

Small samples are certainly more sensitive to type I errors. I don't know about the details of your experiment or analysis, but the story I remember from grad school involved the unscrupulous researcher saying "Stop taking data! The effect might go away!"

On the other hand, I think that absolutely everybody gets tripped up by statistics every now and again.

There's an intentional false-positive result awarded this year's Ig Nobel Prize for Neuroscience (statistically significant brain activity observed using fMRI on a dead fish). The poster that received the citation is worth a read. I liked that they gave the fish a task.

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