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September 22, 2012


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Count me in!

oh, I've been reading for a long long time, but I don't really remember the vegetable project. (I miss the former blog, though, the treatises on breastfeeding and home birthing and... above all, the birth stories :)

We've already implemented a similar thing in our diets -- eating TONS of veggies and fruit instead of mostly grains & beans (we're vegetarian, almost vegan, you know).

I TOTALLY hear you on the staying up late thing. :( :( I need to improve on that. The exercise is a bit harder for me given my crazy commuting schedule, but I have commited to one yoga class a week and will try to add at least one more. That makes me SOOOO happy!

Jamie, you get all the points for admitting in public that you do the pointless internet searches. Such a time suck and source of shame for me!

Good luck with the nine. The fruit seems harder than the veggies for some reason -- so much sweet!

I'm joining you in some plan with some combination of numbers, relating to sleep, exercise, and eating vegs. But in the spirit of letting "the perfect be the enemy of the good" I'm still trying to figure out the details and which numbers to use! But 5 veggies and 7 hours in the bed (a big improvement) and some formula of mileage/days of riding my bicycle are in the mix, and maybe some goals for things like prayer/daily Mass. Time for me to shape up in a variety of ways! Thanks for the inspiration.

Yay! I'll play too!

My husband has recently become an aspiring vegan...just vegetarian now. He's been inspired by a vegan distance-runner (Scott Jurek maybe...I refuse to Google it). Anyway - two of your three aspirations would be a good family-bonding-while-getting-healthy type-thing for us :)

My sleep issues are more gianormous-dragon-cross-stitch induced than computer. I can hardly watch movies anymore though because the instant I recognise someone I must look on IMDB to see what movie, TV show and Law and Order episode they (and everyone else in the cast) has ever been in.

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