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August 21, 2012


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Hi Jamie!
Thought I would take a minute and say hi and good luck on a new school year! I still read all your posts, but on a rss reader and on my ipod, so it's really difficult to comment.

Nothing like a restful summer to bring enthusiasm to the school year. Good luck to you and the kids!

Hello Dr. Gladly! I envy you. That's what I want to say after reading this article of yours. I envy you for a fact that you know where God have called you for which is totally difficult for me to know. I am at the stage of my life wherein I am looking for the so-called "purpose of existence" which is giving me headache. I would like to also be like you who has determined your purpose in life. Please pray for me to find what I have been looking for years now. Also, congrats and good luck on a new school year!

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