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August 15, 2012


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Jamie, I appreciate your assessment of the father in the prodigal son story. I want to be the loving mother AND NOT BE TAKEN! I've run to the side of an injured child, but I'm having a difficult time rushing to the aid of an emotional pain - especially one begotten from poor choices. I need to work on that.

I watched the Olympic clip and I had tears pouring down my face too.

Thanks for sharing these perspectives!

This is powerful. So much to consider and digest. I've been a mother for 26 years and still struggle with the balance of the role. I love this: "I want to be the kind of parent who sees a child facing some kind of brokenness and walks alongside anyway." Thanks.

Great post! I think I may print this one out to keep. I will most likely struggle with the "not be taken" part that Marcie mentioned. It scares me that there will be a lot of falling in the future due to bonus sons other family.

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