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June 30, 2012


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Leo's just learning a lot of new words (he'll be 2 on Monday). I was thinking how fascinating it is to me, some of the mistakes he makes and how much MORE fascinating it must be for you, with your background. For instance, at first all the words he said (or most), started with B. Now he's branching out.

I chuckled at #3--my 5-year-old, who otherwise speaks perfectly, still says "picmic" instead of "picnic," a vestige from age 2 or so.

How fun to have all 7 quick takes about your 3 year old; she sounds like quite the little character!

When my oldest was little she had trouble with the word "church" - she got the last "ch" sound fine but couldn't put it at the beginning. So for a while it was "kurch"!

Fear not: as a Latin/Greek teacher and a mom, I find #5 VERY interesting. ;-)

We talk in our classes about how tricky English is, what with all those pesky little words that mean 17 different things. Even as freshmen and sophomores, they're still learning to see the big picture, and not just jump at the individual word. Likewise, it's fascinating to me to watch how little kids evolve, language-wise.

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