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June 27, 2012


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I don't ride the bus daily, but I do use the DC subway with my boys a lot, and babywearing is a huge help. It saves you from using the big stroller or any stroller depending on how your kids are spaced. I used a soft structured carrier when they were little and I've used slings when I might need to put a tired toddler on my hip at the end of the day.

Just last night my husband was thanking me for the management that I have done of our finances over the last ten years that enabled us to buy a suitable home. I thanked him in return for continuing to support the choices that make that management possible--like sticking to one car. He gave me the eyebrow lift because that is one thing that he really wishes we could change. I'm guessing that it is easier now while the kids are little than it will be when they are older and involved in more activities. We're pondering family bikes for that stage too though.
Right now, the kids and I get the car two days a week for fun and errands while my husband either works from home or takes the bus. Taking the bus isn't particularly convenient in our neighborhood but if we really have to go somewhere or I want to make an outing of it, we can take the bus with some planning. My toddler has typically liked riding so it turns into an fun adventure in itself.
I tandem wear my 2 year old (but let her out of the ergo once we are on the bus) and 9 month old and carry a tote bag rather than the diaper bag since every time I have left the house without sufficient diaper changing apparatus and a book/toy apiece I have seriously regretted it. Most of the time people are accommodating as far as being able to sit down or have adjacent seats. Once I have a hard time wearing both of them or I get pregnant again, I'll pick up a lightweight umbrella stroller that folds easily for the oldest and switch the baby to my back.
Give yourself the opportunity to practice with low expectations a few times. Just like going out in the car with both kids was a stretch initially, this will be too at first but it will get easier and hopefully you will enjoy the freedom it gives you.

Thanks everybody! I'm a babywearer, but I'll confess that I don't think I could handle tandem wearing plus carrying a tote bag. Props to you kharking!

Tomorrow's our first solo outing (my mom was visiting for the first several weeks)--walking to the library and grocery store. We'll see how it goes!

I can't ride the bus anymore (since the brain tumor and attendant onset of physical disability I can't be in a vehical that is either backing up or driving on a bympy road -- pretty much everywhere) but I did bus pretty much daily from the age of ten until two years ago. My children, experiencing it as so normal, were always great riders. I tried, whether with my own kids or when nannying, to avoid strollers. It's just so much bother to fold/unfold etc. so as much as possible I wore my kids, or my charges: one in a sling or backpack or one in a front pack with the second in a backpack. Bussing is a terrific way to go, if you're blessed with a good transit system.

Sorry! Can't type very well either! That should be bumpy road -- which is pretty much everywhere ...

We don't have a car but since the coming of our twins we're thinking seriously about getting a minivan. Four children under five years old are possible but not a ton of fun on the transit. Two are relatively easy.

Drat. This means I'm going to have to get my driver's licence.

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