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June 10, 2012


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Sigh... parenting is hard, isn't it?

We're always learning and growing. thanks for sharing... my brain is dead, sorry, can't think of anything smarter to say. I spent it all in this email I'm drafting to my possible future dept. chair.... sigh...

So glad your little guy is okay.

"This should teach me not to be so fearful, because it's so easy to fear the wrong thing and the actual disaster always takes you by surprise."


I have to squelch the desire to say "No" to things all the time. I send the kids out on their bikes knowing full well that they could be hit by cars or accosted by random nasty persons or or or or....

I remind myself daily that there is also a huge risk associated with never taking risks. This is the belief that sustains me.

I firmly believe that to protect our children from every hazard is to refuse to bear one of the fundamental crosses of motherhood.

I'm so glad to hear he's okay. I, too, have struggled this summer with the "folly of dread" as you mentioned in your last post. It's so hard to learn to trust.

Oh, it's hard. You want them to be fearless, but not to get hurt. My daughter climbed up the slide, fell off, and fractured her arm landing on an outstretched hand. It was an indoor plastic slide, maybe 4.5 feet high, and she fell onto a padded surface. It was at daycare and I think the director thought I wanted staff fired for it. I DID NOT. I was adamant that accidents happen. Risk abounds, but we have to go on with life anyhow.

I am reminded of my pregnant self flipping through a catalog of baby-proofing supplies. My dad said that stuff would deprive my child of educational opportunities..."You kids did alotta stupid things. Once."

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