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April 17, 2012


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This is one of my most favorite posts, ever!

You don't even know me (although I have commented a handful of times over the years) so we're not FB friends and I was thinking about starting a game with you. :) My husband is really only into word games insofar as it's spending time together, so long story short I play Facebook friends and strangers. I worry about whether it's a temptation to pride sometimes because I'm more often in your husband's position, but then there are people who come along and remind me that I would never have been one of those people in Word Freak... and that when I read it a decade or so ago I realized that was more than OK with me!

Oh, that's not a hint that you should become FB friends with a stranger so we can play a word game -- just a comment on how into this whole thing I am that to start a game was my impulse when I was first reading this. Lest I came across as a creepy blog stalker.

You can play with me. I'm jecathre on Words with Friends. I'm utterly average, and unlikely to cause you outrage.

C C V I I I V: CIVIC, leave of IV.

R N U U E E E: ENURE, leave of EU.

Just sayin. :P

I love you. Your posts either make me think or laugh...sometimes both :)

I'm pretty stinky at Scrabble but I enjoy Bananagrams!

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