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April 25, 2012


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My heart started beating faster just reading your post!

Wow. I think we're all getting an adrenaline rush from that.

Please tell me she can open the van door from inside, too. (Even if it's not true, please tell me that.)

Wow, those moments are frightening.

I've lost a two year old while I was in labor with his brother (luckily the mail carrier brought him back while I was hobbling around the house checking the corners).

I left a four year old IN THE CAR on a hot day while the extended family started on a hike, and it was my SIL who called back to make sure he was with me and the stragglers (uh, no, he's with you and the big kids? Let me LEAP OFF THIS MOUNTAIN to get back to the van.) He was feeling very smug at avoiding the hike.

Just some me-too's and remembered sighs of relief. I remember asking the cat where the two year old was, hoping she'd pull a Lassie.

OMG MY Hands are shaking, and I'm not even involved.

Shudder. And huge sigh of relief.

Yeah, I think this (unfortunately?) just happens. I distinctly remember going out to our car at the age of 3, getting in and disengaging the parking brake, only to have it roll down the and crash back into the barn. I remember my mom's panicked face when she ran up to the window, that's for sure.

Pray that it means the inquisitive child is just spunky and on her way to being an active member of society?

My heart was beating faster too. Please, please, tell me how you deal with the escaping preschooler calmly. My 18 month old knows how to open my front door, if we ever forget to bolt it. Eeeps.

The adrenaline surges are all part of parenting. They suck.

Sometimes I think that the reining in of America's kids, so they never get to roam around outside anymore, is not so much to keep them safe as it is to prevent parents ever having to feel that stomach lurch.

@Kathy: If you have an escaping preschooler, especially if you live just yards away from a busy road as I do, it is useful to install a bell on the doors -- it is like a doorbell except that it rings when the door opens instead of when a button is pushed. Gives you some warning.

Scary! Suprisingly we've only had that happen once with ours...and he just went out to the sandbox.

When LeighAnn's oldest was 2 or 3 he disappeared when they were visiting my mom. Parent's and LA scoured the house, yard and alerted the neighbours. They finally called the police. I don't remember who found him but he was in the house...hiding. At first he thought it was funny but then, after it turned into a mess and the adults started sounding anxious, he stayed hidden for fear of being in trouble.

Dude. I'm so glad she's okay. Sheesh.

I had a similar experience recently. The kids were playing outside among various neighbor homes and when I went to where I thought Charlotte was, she wasn't there. It had been 30 minutes since I had seen her and she wasn't at the 2nd or 3rd place either. She had come into our house and fallen asleep on the couch. It was probably 3-5 minutes of my life, but it felt like years.

Oh so scary. So glad you found her safe!

My 6-year-old has never gone outside unannounced, but he loves to hide under clothes racks at stores and will move like some little woodland creature from underneath one rack to the next, until he's clear across the store and I've got the hammering heart as I run around peering underneath the hanging clothes.

Slim, I don't think she knows how to open the van door from the inside. I should show her, with the weather getting warmer. :-(

Kathy, I've never had an escapee who was that little. A 3yo on the loose is a different kettle of fish. Bearing's advice sounds good to me.

Thanks for the commiseration, everybody!

We had a little Houdini who was language delayed and couldn't call back to us when we were frantically searching for him. We ended up having to place locks on the INSIDE of our doors. Those locks had to be moved to the very top left-hand corner of the door frames.

Just a thought. Hang in there!

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