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March 18, 2012


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That is a gorgeous sweater. The colors are so lovely. What a fabulous gift for yourself!

Wow, it's amazing... now... I know NOTHING of knitting, so I'm just wondering how in the world the cutting works. Is the top part the front (because it seems to be finished around in the "back" [part that is facing down]) and the part you have to cut and then, I suppose close up, the back?

I cannot imagine how much work you had to pour on this gorgeous sweater, congrats! And the kids who wanted to keep the monkey just make it all so funny!

It's amazing -- congratulations, and well done!

Lilian, I sliced right down the middle of the stripes you see in the linked picture. To make a sweater like this, you knit a big tube, narrowing it slightly for the waist and flaring it out slightly for the bust. When I got to the bottom of the neckline, I put a section of stitches on scrap yarn, to wait until I was finished, and then I made a bridge of 10 new stitches that I striped all the way up to the top. (For this sweater, I attached the sleeves a few rounds later, but it's slightly unusual for a Fair Isle sweater to do so.)

When I cut down the center of the striped section, it opened out the front into a big U. Once I had that opening, I was able to pick up stitches all around its edge to make the ribbing you see in the finished picture.

Does that make sense? I had a hard time visualizing it before I actually did it.

I'm not a knitter, so I only understood about 27% of this post. But, I think that sweater is gorgeous. Worth a monkey sacrifice, if you ask me.

I love that sweater! I just took it off my queue in fact, in recognition of the fact that really I don't think I'll ever feel ambitious enough, but it still has a place on my favorites.

Beautiful! I am in awe.

I like the pose too. Very diva-ish :)

That is a gorgeous sweater! Wow!

Beautiful work!

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