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February 27, 2012


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Did that other website continue working? Did you renege on your Lenten abstinence from missives? Have you been eaten by a tiger mother? Were the tiger mothers within a 30-mile radius of you, or of your in-laws? Did you skip off to your meeting, or did you skip your meeting? What is the thickness of your brain if it contains acres and acres of real estate and is folded up inside of your head? Maybe your head has grown since last we corresponded, post pictures if so? Doesn't being the child of a tiger mother make you a tiger? Are you sending your children to a camp where they hang out with tigers? Can I come to this camp? Have you registered mostsecretly.com to blog about work under an obvious-but-disconnected pseudonym? Is that pseudonym "Larry"? Have you really been silent for almost two weeks? Is that another Lenten deprivation? Are you going to edit your post to take out the typo? Why did you think it was terrible? It has filled me with questions.


Slice of life!

I'd call the camp people and let them know the link isn't working as you need it to. Maybe they can take your information over the phone. I'd hate to see you lose out on the opportunity. Good luck!

Really like the blog, appreciate the share!

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