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January 08, 2012


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I love the idea of starting resolutions after Epiphany. It makes wonderful sense.

I'm reading through the Aubrey-Maturin novels and I love them. They're quite different from Shakespeare and Dickens, but that's not necessarily a bad thing.

Oh Aubrey-Maturin is a good idea. If you haven't read Patrick O'Brien he is quite entertaining.

I was going to suggest Rumer Godden. They aren't classics and the challenge would be more in obtaining the novels than in finishing them. But the advantages are that she is both prolific and uplifting-- especially her post-conversion novels. But even her pre-conversion novel are great stories.

I love the idea of beginning resolutions after Epiphany.

Why not Dostoevsky? Classic. Uplifting. Will last you a while :)

We always do resolutions on the 1st Monday of January but post Epiphany sounds lovely too!

George McDonald?

V.C. Andrews? ;)

I like the Dostoevsky idea...he's on my list. Also, if I ever need to change my last name again I think that's what I'll change it to just because I like saying it

Greek tragedies! It's a discrete group, not endless, and just as challenging as Shak. No? I might do this for my 'before 40' challenge....

C.S. Lewis?

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