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January 23, 2012


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hahahaha! thanks for the good laugh after midnight! Ah... how I want to take my family to the U.K.! and Europe! and so many places! sigh... :)

He he!
If I'd known you then, I'd have told you to go to G&D's in Oxford, on Little Clarendon Street. They have the best ice cream in so many different flavours. Definitely as good as, if not better then, Ben and Jerry's. :)

I spent the summer of 1997 as a college student on an exchange program at New College. Loved the garden, loved the chapel, loved everything about Oxford. Thank you for bringing back some happy memories.

And I spent the fall of 1997 in London on exchange, walking across Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park to get to class each day.... I don't remember missing ice cream, but had fun trying to find other ingredients or recipes to use with the ingredients I had to hand.

I brought home an ad that asked, "Have you a head for Rummikub?" that showed a head made of Rummikub tiles--my family's type humor about one of my family's favorite games :)

Wait, you still think it's a replica?

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