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January 22, 2012


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Not only do I get waves of Organize ALL the THINGS...but as a teacher, I get to a certain point in the semester, and I start charging wide-eyed down the hall, hollering, "Teach ALL the LATIN!" Then I look at how many weeks I have left, and say, "Teach ALL the Latin??"

(We also suffer from bunyips here. Ours tend to eat the one Lego that holds the whole construction together. And the TV remote. And all the things I put in a safe place, so as not to forget where I put them.)

Bunyip! I just love saying "bunyip." Bonus: Flashbacks to my childhood and the 600 times I watched the HBO animated feature "Dot and the Kangaroo."

I like His Majesty's Dragon. I read the latest one back in November. Napoleonic wars PLUS DRAGONS! always wonderful.

We also have bunyips. They generally either turn out to be me organizing or our littlest one. My husband's been playing Minecraft, and there's a creature called and Enderman, who comes out at night and rearranges everything. We call our littlest the Enderman. Anything we can't find he's tidied away.

I will look forward to hearing that your wonderful black yoga pants turned up! Maybe it will happen on a day that really, really needs to have something good happen. I like thinking that they'll get to be a double gift to you in that manner.

I'm sorry about all your disappearances and the evil bunyip that comes to your house every even year in January. :(

I hope you can find what you're looking for!

Bah on the bunyips! But I love that name for them.

My husband is in love with the Naomi Novik series; but I haven't been able to get into it. Perhaps the problem was I had just finished reading O'Brien and was in the mood for more of the same when I picked up His Majesty's Dragon. There was some infelicitous piece of dialogue or description on the first page that just set me off and I decided there was no way I could finish the book if it was going to mean putting up with writing like that. But I should probably go try again sometime because I am intrigued by the concept of the books.

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