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December 20, 2011


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Dude. He needs medical treatment and antibiotics. That is so very, very serious, especially since the owner is unconcerned. I feel sick to my stomach. I'm so glad he's okay.

That's what I told him. I'll tell him you said so too.

Scary. I agree both about getting medical attention and making sure animal control gets on it. I hope that the failure to file a police report doesn't complicate matters and tie animal control's hands. My sister recently found that because she failed to file charges when a customer assaulted her, her employer refused to back her up and apologized to the customer she'd had escorted off the premises.


When our landlady's dog bit my husband badly enough for him to go to urgent care, they insisted on a rabies shot (that wasn't cheap and she refused to pay for). I agree with the above posters who say he should been getting medical attention.

Oh, that is not okay. I'm hoping the owner was covering up his own shaken sense of guilt with seeming unconcern. And I concur with those who say your husband should see a doctor. And I don't even like doctors.

And I'd add to the above to take many photos with a date on them and include Elwood's face.

If he goes to the doctor, which I definitely suggest, they will probably contact animal control and interview the dog owner. If the owner can produce shot records, rabies won't be necessary.

I was bitten by a dog while on a run last year, and it was just one small puncture wound, but I ended up needing antibiotics. Animal Control and the sheriff's office contacted the owner. Mostly it made me terrified of dogs for a while, even little tiny dogs that I knew wouldn't hurt me.

Eeee! That is horrible! I hope Animal Control act, promptly.

Tell him I'm advising from the point of an ER nurse for 3 years. EVERY dog bite got a call to the police and antibiotics!

That is crazy! How frightening. I hope animal control is able to do something appropriate to the situation!

Terrifying. Hoping all is well.

That's just terrifying for the randomness of it. I hope that he went in for medical treatment already. A friend of mine got a very serious infection from a cat bite puncturing a vein and needed major antibiotics. We think of pets as benign but it's not the case when there's a bite. I'm so sorry that his disturbed your Advent. I hope Animal Control gets involved because I feel like the dog is a menace to the neighborhood.

Yes, another voice in the chorus insisting on medical treatment. Dog's mouths are bacterial breeding grounds. This demands serious attention.

Please keep us updated. Animal control should be taking this very seriously, and if the local authorities do not, you need to take it up the chain of command. A dog that bites an adult will bite a child. Your family is on alert -- other parents might not be so careful, or so lucky.

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