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December 27, 2011


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I'd have worried about pre-eclampsia too. That was my first thought when you mentioned the headache, swelling, can't walk. I was a month premature due to hypertension. Definitely better to err on the side of caution even if it does mean getting her mad. I'll be praying for Anne and the baby.

I love the Christmas tree metaphor.


Actually when you described those symptoms I thought first of pre-eclampsia. Good for you looking out for her.

Funny about the Christmas tree - I feel the same way about real trees and living the good messy life. My 4 year old, however, even messed up this lovely analogy by being disturbed and puzzled as to why we would sanction the cutting down of a perfectly healthy and rooted tree! He considers our lovely fresh tree a corpse! Life is messy, huh? I don't know if we are on our way to an artificial tree or whether he'll just "get over it," which makes me sad too! He's just like that - he finds it very unnerving that we eat meat. . . Merry Christmas to you and yours. I love to read what you have to say.

This is the good outcome, though. Your SIL being angry at you for interfering when it wasn't necessary is the good outcome. Truly: you didn't actually want to be right.

I will keep all of you in my prayers, especially your SIL and her baby. I'm relieved that they are both OK and safely with their family.

Yes, my first thought was pre-eclampsia too. I lost a baby brother and very nearly thisclose my mother too to pre-eclampsia. It is **always** worth erring on the side of getting checked out asap -- even with messy people who will be annoyed with us for "interfering". You did the right thing. I'm sorry you've had this stress. Messy family ... Oiy vey, what to do? Pray and hold it all up to God.

Oh so hard. It was just responsible of you to be concerned about pre eclampsia, though. Absolutely.
Difficult people are so...difficult, the way they poke us in our tender places.

God bless you, Jamie.

Prayers for her are coming. I'm with Jody: this (difficult as it is) was the good outcome. I've been in situations that ran in a similar track: the good outcome involved the person who "interfered" taking a lot of flack for it...but being able to sleep that night.

If it makes you feel any better, my IMMEDIATE thought on seeing the words "headache" and "swollen" in the same sentence was pre-eclampsia. I'm glad to hear it wasn't. (Been there, done that, watched friends do it, etc.) You ABSOLUTELY did the right thing. As I once said to a doctor when I went in knowing it probably WASN'T the Big Bad Thing, but still needing to get it checked...I was always taught there were some things you didn't ignore, no matter how unlikely they seemed, no matter how awkward or silly you felt. The doctor nodded and said, "That's exactly right."

Like a lot of others, I thought "pre-eclampsia" too when you started mentioning symptoms. I'm quite sure you did the right thing, and I admire you for doing it, even with the flak you're taking. I hope your Christmas and the days that have followed have been happy and peaceful.

Rosemary, Katherine of Evlogia had a really pretty blog post this past week about Christmas trees and how the Christmas tree is a symbol for the Tree of Life, which is to say the cross. Also she pointed out that it is fitting that the tree is cut down before it's prime and how it's untimely death speaks of the cross and is fitting in a commemoration of a baby who was born to die. Don't know if that argument would persuade your son; but your comment made me think of it anyway.

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