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December 17, 2011


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oh Jamie. I don't know how to say "I'm so sorry" in a way that doesn't negate or diminish your point here. But I am sorry; I really hope that in a couple of years the 'no' turns to 'later', but just reading this made me clench up inside. Here's hoping the vacation will give you the breathing space to move beyond the smart.

I hate getting the answer "Maybe later." I wish I took it with as much grace as you did. Even though you're a bit relieved with regards to your kids and housework, I'm sorry for the rejection. Rejection is always discouraging. I'm glad they're keeping you in the same capacity as you are now.

I think I was still online when you posted this last night (after I'd just read your "later" post -- I wish I'd commented to see the time-stamp).

Wow... just wow. More than other readers I know all about this situation you've been in. I'm glad they still need you, it's good to feel needed and I'm kind of glad that you didn't tell us before, 'cause I would have been anxious for you and then bitterly disappointed (the burdens of being highly empathetic). I'm in a similar situation of being needed, though in my case, I don't see a tt job in the horizon, only a lecturer position, which may be fine. I hope. (I always say I don't want a tt job, but deep down we all want one, don't we?).

The previous post just frames this one so beautifully! Well, we'll be praying with you about this particular "later" and let's pray about mine too, shall we? :)

I'm in the same boat...
I've always cringed at the "God answers prayers in his own way and in his own time", but that is the truth. And He always has a path for us...

Ah, I'm sorry. I wondered yesterday if it was a job-related "maybe later." (Realized it after I posted my brief comment, argh.) I mean, it's good to know that later isn't no, and that no can lead to yes, but in the moment, it stinks. I'm sorry.

Sorry hon...

I hate the "personal rejection" feelings that accompany job related stuff for me too...

I will join you in having a fabulous full time career.... Later.

Love and Merry Christmas...


Thank you for the kind words, everybody. :-)

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