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December 01, 2011


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WOW, your dozenth play this year?! JUST WOW!

In any case, I don't recall the particular details of your Shakespeare project -- did you have an initial goal to finish after a certain period or do you just want to try to finish by the end of the year to be done with it?! (sorry about being sooooo nosy!)

I think it's a fascinating project/goal, though I'd hesitate to take on something so ambitious... sigh. :)

P.S. and thankful Shakespeare for prompting a post in December by Jamie!! ;) (I haven't even posted today... in my stupid goal to post more this year than last year. At least I don't have to be watching the clock for midnight anymore!) ;)

My plan was to finish the complete works by 12/31. More details at the link above if you're curious. :-)

I realized in the bathtub, while sloggity-slogging through Act II, that I actually have 5 more plays to read after Coriolanus, not 4. Not sure if it will happen or not, but I'll give it a whirl!

Oh, Coriolanus is the WORST. Maybe tied with Titus Andronicus. Maybe reward yourself when you're done with Ralph Fiennes's new Coriolanus movie--it's supposed to be good, though bloody. And it's Ralph Fiennes!

At least Titus Andronicus is interesting! Horrible and gory, but interesting.

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