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November 09, 2011


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beautiful metaphor.

Something is broken right now and I'd appreciate your prayers. My BIL, a pastor, only 36 y.o., two boys, 5 and 7... had a growth on his thigh which was removed last week and thought benign. Today the results came back, it's a myxoid liposarcoma (just writing this gives me the creeps!). I hope it can and will be fixed, by the grace of God.

That's beautiful.

And, Lilian, my prayers for him.

Quinn had an orthopedic surgeon who inserted Truth into his bedside instructions. I commented to him once "how amazing it is that bones heal" like he had shown me on the x-ray. The surgeon's reply: "We have an amazing creator."

I know you aren't preaching to your class, but it's certainly hard not to recognize God in everything we do.

Thank you, Melanie.

I'm praying too, Lilian. Thanks for the kind words.

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