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November 10, 2011


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Sounds good. I don't put sugar in my cornbread because my entire family will only drench it in honey anyway, so what's the point?

Is it also evil yankee bread if you use yogurt because you're out of buttermilk?

My grandmother might have disapproved, because she was baking cornbread when yogurt was for hippies, but I'm more likely to have yogurt in the fridge than buttermilk. And it's not evil, just heathen. Heathen means one day they might see the light.

I live in North Carolina, and all the local restaurants here have sweetened cornbread. Have they just given in to the tastes of heathen Yankees?

Bizarrely, although Eastern North Carolinians seem to like their cornbread sweet, they don't like their BBQ sweet. This seems to be in direct opposition to the rest of the South. But BBQ sauce here is mostly vinegar.

Tell me more about the cornbread made only with cornmeal! Having just gone gluten free, I'm seriously missing my cornbread.

Your spoonbread sounds a whole lot like a polenta (except with eggs). Will have to try it soon!

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