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November 22, 2011


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Oh, I have a related pasta recipe that is utterly fabulous. Let me share.

Sauté a big, thin-sliced white onion in plenty of butter. Add a pound of diced-small butternut squash. sauté them together until they are both very tender and the squash is beginning to caramelized. (When you put in the squash depends on how caramelized you want the onions to be relative to the squash.). Salt and pepper it.

Somewhere in there, put in a couple of cups of cooked garbanzo beans. And put on a pot of water to boil, in which you will cook green spinach fettucine.

Then you melt some butter in a little skillet and fry up eight or ten sage leaves in the butter.

Toss the pasta and the vegetables together, top it with the sage leaves and butter, and sprinkle with finely shredded parmesan.

You people with your squash-and-pasta awesomeness are making me salivate! Yummy.

Mmmm, I'm so making this. Although one of my frustrations is not being able to find fresh sage where I am, so I'll have to try with dried. My favorite sage/squash recipe is butternut squash risotto - takes forever, but so worth it, especially when, after stirring in a final cup of cream, you drizzle sage in browned butter over the top.

Oh, my, Emily, a final cup of cream? As in, there is more cream in the recipe?

Erin, will have to try your pasta recipe.

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