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November 03, 2011


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I definitely know some kids who would get excited about wedges of cabbage -- green anyway -- but they probably would eat the goldfish crackers first if they were offered at the same time.

Ha ha! My 3 year old likes a large leaf of cabbage rolled into a cone-shape. She asks me for her 'ice-cream' every time I cook with cabbage. My 18 month old on the other hand who can't pretend a rolled up cabbage leaf is a special treat, is very unimpressed by his 'ice-cream'. :)

My son, 4, actually LOVES raw red cabbage and has for several years. Preferably with a sprinkle of salt on top. This is his most reliably eaten vegetable. Not sure how I fell upon giving it to him, but now I make sure it's always in the house and he gets it for snack or part of a meal several times a week. I would never make it the entirety of a snack, though. Gotta have some fat and protein in there too. But if offered the cabbage and the goldfish at the same time? I'm betting the goldfish would go first. Fortunately (?) I'm in the situation where he just doesn't get offered goldfish either at home or at his home daycare (where we have to pack all his food and the kids aren't allowed to share with each other, and his daycare provider is, furthermore, a vegan raw foodist).

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