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October 07, 2011


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"she didn't know what else to do"

I am reminded of Dave Barry's line after some bit of child cluelessness, "You wonder how we've managed to come this far as a species." Maybe we haven't come all that far.

I remember wanting to walk to school when I was kid -- it wasn't that far. But since nobody every shovelled their sidewalks I would have had to hike through knee deep snow to get there. It was so disappointing.

I've said it before -- but you are really giving your kids a gift flying in the face of our risk-avoidance culture. Hopefully more parents will see your kids and how independent they are and realize that there ARE other options.

Your post is so spot on. Of course, a neighborhood school that is walkable assumes so much that people aren't willing to give: the risk of committing to something that might be the best you can provide, without necessarily being the best anywhere. The risk that you are responsible as a community for this particular school, and can't blame anyone else for its shortcomings. The risk that you might have to invest more in your child's education than dropping him off -- like being available to look out the window to be sure things are as they should be. It's the risk of the particular -- the one risk our world doesn't like...

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