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September 17, 2011


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a mute button will be useful, especially if you teach this course again (and again - we hope, right?). K says that the first time you teach a course is the roughest, and it gets better after that.

I like writing in certain books but not others, while Nina is upset at the idea of writing in a book (and HAS to, in her pre-AP English class where she is learning to annotate) - amazing how different people prefer different styles.

I don't replay my own words in my head afterwards so much, but I rehearse them incessantly. Not just for public speaking, either -- if I anticipate making a routine phone call in a few hours, say to do something like change the dates of our theater tickets (to give an example from last week), I will find myself repeatedly going over what I will say to the person on the other end of the line. Talk about a waste of brain cells! "Hello, I'm a subscriber and I need to change one of the performance dates. Oh, thank you so much.". Over and over. I think it's a manifestation of social anxiety.

But I also go over and over things I wish I had said in arguments, or I imagine arguments that I might have with people some day and practice for them.

So, yeah, I could use a mute button. I get sick of listening to myself pretend to talk.

I figured out this is why I need to read gripping novels so much more when I'm teaching/engaging in public - only getting sucked into a real vacuum of a book turns off the replay button.

Something for you on the subject of writing in books:

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