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September 18, 2011


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Oh, Jamie, I just kinda love you.

I only have one child, and my pregnant self really did mean well, but...Crunchy doesn't live here.

This was awesome. It's good to know that I'm not the only one that the standards change. And it's good for YOU to leave the baby somewhere every now and again and do something for yourself. :)

Celeste, you are awesome too. Not much crunchy in my house either.

Thank you for writing this post.

N ow what about the rest of you reading this? Huh?

I love this post! I often wonder how I'll look back at myself 10 years from now. So far with child #2 co-sleeping is ending much sooner. Part of it is her and part of it is definitely me and my husband. We need sleep and space and co-sleeping just isn't working now that the baby's a year old. I still plan on breastfeeding as long as she wants, though, and if I have another it will definitely be a homebirth (as long as I'm not risked out, of course).

I have a post request for you, too, Jamie. I'd love to hear about how you made the decision about moving from homeschooling to public schooling and how the transition was for you and your kids. My oldest is scheduled to start full day K next year. At age 4. I'm hesitant about both options. I know my circumstances are different from yours but It would be great to hear from an experienced mother who's done both.

OK, this is fun.
*natural childbirth
*toddler nursing

*baking my own bread on a regular basis
*growing veg and fruit, on ever-increasing proportions
* building the house and furniture maintaining it by ourselves, from recycled materials
* no new clothes. OK, so it's mainly driven by budget/laziness, but I'm still counting it.
* babies + kids at home, with me, for ever-increasing lengths of time.

*Ice cream and lollipops are now an integral and crucial part of summer. And that's the way they should be. Ditto for fries with salt and ketchup after swimming lessons.

Theo. Com. ==> perp.Ina.
* sewing, at least the curtains. Can't won't shan't - but I still think I should.
* free-range eggs. If I cared enough we could make the budget work.
* eating (a lot) less meat. The eager expression on the cubs' faces when supper involves meat does me in every time.
*Equal night-time parenting duties. Went flying out the window within 4 months of parenthood.
*toddlers should not eat earth. Nothing to do with crunchiness, but I am theoretically committed and I can't make it work.

And from this we can conclude that I am slowly baking into crunchiness, but am still very limp.

Love this posting....
I often look back at how I've changed as well, and wonder what type of mom I would be with another child (and a husband...).

In all other areas, I guess I'm still crunchy (although we do have a tv now...and I have a bit of a reality tv habit that I try to rationalize as passive ethnographic observation :)

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