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July 21, 2011


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Oh, my friend! It brings me tears to MY eyes too! And you know that I know EXACTLY what this all means... (minus the part of sending the kids to public school, mine are younger, only one year of Kelvin's schooling coincided with my pursuit of the phd -- I can only imagine how hard that was).

In any case. We *must* wait on the Lord. As we were driving to PA this evening, my husband was saying to me, "you know, if we are with the Lord, he doesn't let us go, He takes care of us. Very hard things may happen, but He'll direct everything" -- he was thinking of when he lost his job, and we were discussing our decision to forgo his job offer in Georgia (over half a million of start up funds) to live a simpler life in VA -- and because I HAD a part time job here and not there in GA.

I'm really happy for you and will be praying that you can continue to have employment with them in the future. (if that's His will)

Oh, good for you! I'm glad!

Congratulations! I hope that you've been walking on air with the news!

Oh wow. I could not be happier to hear this. So, so glad to hear this, so happy for you, so happy that you made it through the waiting and that this job is perfect.

"A part-time academic position, that elusive beast, in the department that's less than a ten-minute walk from my house."

Elusive beat indeed -- the dream of many an academic mom! So glad to hear this, and so happy for you. Congrats and well done!

Huzzah! (For God, of course... ;-D )

That's great news, Jamie. I am so glad.

Oh my, how amazing. Congratulations, and enjoy your funk-free weekend!

Wonderful news and I couldn't be happier for you!

I hope that this will allow you to feel better about your childrens' education. Is there anything you like about their school? Or maybe that's a whole blog post of its own.

In any case, I am so very happy for you to be reaping fruit from your labor!

Yaay! Congrats!

Wonderful news!

(I wish God would whisper to me while I pray. I've been smacked upside the head by God a few times in my life, but never whispered to. Though maybe God tried whispering but resorted to smacking because I wasn't paying attention...)

Yay!! I'm so so very happy for you!

Brought tears to my eyes too! Congratulations!!! (and happy belated birthday) :)

Ooohhhh wonderful. And while I don't have the prayer life you do, this reminds me of a truth I have been shown again and again and keep forgetting because I AM SLOW: God drops exactly what you need into your life exactly when you need it, whether you think it's what you need or not. Apparently what I needed on this night sleep eludes me was this post.

So thrilled for you! What a blessing. Great way to listen to the Holy Spirit talking to you!

Such delightful news! Learning to listen is so important, yet so very challenging for me to do. I should work on it and see what I'm missing. Your faithfulness has been rewarded!

God is so good!

YAYYYYY! Congrats :) You will be wonderful!

SO so glad Jamie :)

Jamie, that is positively wonderful! Do you mind if I share this post with a friend who is also waiting?

You're OK, right? Just enjoying some well-earned peace and calm, yes? I just got paranoid that the position evaporated or something.

Just found your blog and am adding it to my reader this minute!

Hooray for part-time academic jobs! It's what I've been doing for three semesters and it is the perfect balance between motherhood (I have three boys 4, 2, and 7 mo) and a career. Best wishes!

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