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July 02, 2011


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oh dear... that's some kind of gumption I've never had and thankfully that once we started co-sleeping in earnest (with Kelvin only after he was already 1, with Linton from day 1), I didn't experience babies/toddlers that woke up & stayed up in the middle of the night. I'm sorry you've been having to deal with this for a while now. :(

I've been trying to think of questions that I could ask you and all I can think of, or, rather, wish for, was to be able to read some of your old blog posts... maybe you can bring some of them to light again. Birth stories... breast-feeding & or home-birthing discussions, all that good stuff! ;) Long-time readers miss them!

hello, I'm sorry you're solo - it's always rough. I'm not solo, but might as well be, since K is struggling to finish a big project asap. As for gumption, send me some - R has been staying up later and later and tonight just flat refuses to go to bed. I feel for you.

Anyone who tells you to muster gumption at 3am can go jump! At that time of night it's just about surviving with no tears from Mummy (what? You don't lose your mind and occasionally want to cry when your kiddo does this? Must just be me. :-( )I sympathise re: Stella's middle of the night wakefulness and hope and pray both she and my Jonah return to sleeping all night asap. 'cause this Mummy is tired now, and terrified about what it's going to be like when our new bubba arrives in mid-September. :-)

The year Tessa was born, Paul took the older boys (then 15 and 17) on 2 vacations- first for a week canoeing, home for a week, then backpacking for 9 days...

so I was home alone with a 5 month old, 2 year old, 4 year old and 10 year old for 16 out of 21 days

I told him this would never be allowed again...only ONE 1 week vacation with the boys, take your pick, canoeing or backpacking, NOT BOTH!!!

This year they are going backpacking in the Grand Tetons...


Oh, the only thing worse than sleep problems is weathering the advice that comes at the same time as sleep deprivation. I had someone tell me this weekend, "Oh, all you have to do is be boring when she wakes up at night. She'll just decide it's no fun to wake up!"
Then she gave me "ta-da!" hands.
I stood and stared at her in icy silence, which is just about the height of rudeness I can muster.

My husband was away in New Zealand for a month and during that time my baby went crazy teething and my 3 year old started having night terrors and kicking me in the face at bedtime. I shudder just remembering the awfulness of that month.

Good luck with Stella and solo parenting. It is so, so hard. It helped me to remember that children are resilient. I'm sure your good moments are much more frequent than your bad ones and you'll all get through.

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