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June 12, 2011


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Oh how interesting! We all project what we know onto our kids, but to hear growing up via speech pathology parenting is fascinating.

It did occur to me recently that all of our boys will likely be taller than both my husband and I. I'm 5'7" and he's 5'10". I figure the male equivalent of my height is about 6', so there's a good chance our boys will be somewhere near that and we'll both look up to them some day. So strange.

I love hearing what's coming from someone two kids ahead of me.

Love this one. Expect a link from me.

Love, love, love this post. My thirteen-year-old is best at tenor, but can still sing soprano:) And I agree with you about the under-appreciated velum. Try singing (or speaking) without one functioning properly.

You have me nearly in tears right now. I guess I want to mark the pitch of their voices (which is oh, so high, particularly Kelvin's) and then watch as it drops lower. :( I'm sure I'll be as shocked as you are when you hear that "MAN" talking in your house.

Oh, I love this. I am constantly startled by Tre's voice these days, and then I wonder why it should be a surprise.

This is fascinating, and makes me want to start recording my little guy. I have a few instances of his tiny baby voice, but I want to get more of his pre-school sound. I don't know if it's technically possible, but I would SWEAR I can tell a difference in his 5-year old voice, compared to some of the other little voices in his pre-school: maybe it's just that I know his voice so well, and I know it goes with him (like penguins, picking their chick out of a crowd??), but I'd swear I can also tell that he's a BOY. And as a singer, I find myself wondering what he'll sound like as a teenager (when I hope to coax him into the youth choir associated with my chorus), and eventually as a young man. I sing soprano, mostly, but I often drop to an alto harmony in church, and my speaking voice is hard for some people to place. My husband, if he sang, would probably be...a second tenor or very light baritone. (He has a lighter voice than my friend who sings baritone/bass, but can pop up to tenor if there aren't any others available at Easter!) Are such things hereditary? If general size is, will the size of the larynx follow? Love this stuff.

Ok, so my ear isn't good enough to tell what key my fourteen year old's voice has dropped to, but the 8in growth spurt, the acne breakouts, the two sizes up shoes are all obvious visuals of adolescence. We put on a video the other day from about 10 years ago and didn't recognize the little boy voice coming from our oldest. Is sound the easiest thing to forget? Or am I just not attuned to it?

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