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June 25, 2011


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Geez, your neighbors! Their nearly as bad as mine used to be, and that's only because she moved out after her boyfriend was asassinated over drugs.

Your neighbors are CRAZY! Except for the nice, polite ones.

Wow. Poor Pete. My heart is so sad to think that he was scared. That was not very neighborly!

WHAT is wrong with your neighbours? First, the horrific CPS-calling harpy, then this. Or was it the same person? Poor, sweet Pete.

We have a cops-calling neighbor also. It's always trumped-up and/or fallacious accusations. The first time it happened we were shocked and humiliated and our kids were scared too. I'm sorry to hear that our Mrs. Neighbor's sister must live near you.

Man, you struck out where neighbors are concerned! Who calls the cops on children who haven't done anything wrong?! I want to love thy neighbor and feel compassion for that person and what drives their compulsions, but I'm stuck on your son's tears. What sweet and empathetic friends he has, though. They and their parents are to be commended. Hugs to you for yet another neighborly smackdown, Jamie.

Good grief! Did you loose the neighbor-lottery or what? I hate that people can't tell kids apart, or don't take the trouble to even try.

What's wrong with just walking out and reminding them to clean up after themselves and bringing a paper bag to help collect litter? All friendly-like.

And calling the POLICE? For REAL? People need some real problems to keep them busy.

Part of me...OK, most of me is a little amazed that the police actually CAME, and didn't politely but firmly tell the lady (I assume lady) that she'd have to work that one out for herself.

Glad it all worked out in the end.

Whoa...you know, I really want to be angry at your neighbor, but most of all I love the take-away lessons. Limits of police power - EXACTLY. Way to puncture the efforts of a bully.

We used to live down the street from the neighborhood swimming pool. The corner was a great lemonade stand spot, and fortunately, our neighbors were nice and didn't mind the kids. But then the overhead on lemonade and cups was killing me, so they switched to selling freezer pops. If you can keep the kids from dropping the cut-off ends, it might be even less messy, too. But I doubt those plastic tubes are recyclable.

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