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June 02, 2011


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Squeamishness aside, I'd be ticked off that I was sold an egg that I couldn't use. That seems wasteful above all else. It's one thing to get the odd chicken-in-process, but a series of fertile eggs is just the farmer passing off a poor product.

I grew up on a hobby farm. I grew up butchering my own chickens and feeding the calves that would grow up to feed me. I'd still get sick at seeing my breakfast stare back at me!

WOW, did not know that was an outcome to be expected from these boxes. Good thing you cracked the egg into the bowl first...and wow, I really would not want to have my picky eater see that possibility.

I'd go back to the Kroger just because it doesn't feel proper to support the egg farmer who is wasteful with your food dollar and with livestock. It's not good karma to feel like your business is the reason that chicken came thisclose but didn't make it into existence, either.

I've heard of women fisherfolk who bring up a fish and thank it for its sacrifice that they may eat. I think that's poetic and I much prefer it to picture poses with the kill.

The chicken farmer should know that the rooster cannot be kept with the hens.

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