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June 06, 2011


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I have one! Second-language ability of the parents and/or grandparents (who'd have set the tone).

I've always been a fan of that tense and I've even seen my 28 month old bust it out on occasion (he's my oldest). We're sticklers for it, and I think it's because my mother, her family, and I all speak a second language where it's used far more frequently. Anecdotal data points from my family: my Mom was born in Italy and still speaks fluent Italian, as does my Nonna. I understand Italian and I speak fluent French - my job requires that I interact with people in both English and French. I lead hiring committees for jobs, so the required level is high. In both cases, these Latin-root languages adore the use of the perfect (and are particular sticklers for the pluperfect).

It may not have any influence, but I thought I'd suggest it.

My child would be at the peak for love of it. I think it comes from a temperament of social focus.

Could we have more examples (or links) of usage vs. non-usage? On or after the 24th is fine ;)

I had to Google what it is and am not sure I'm wrapping my brain around it. Sounds interesting.

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