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May 21, 2011


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Oh, this is a great post. I love it.

I've been sick, and this post takes on new reality...Made me cry too...

Oh my gosh - what a wonderful post.

I love that book - Robert Munsch taught at my alma mater, still lives in that town, and is HILARIOUS to see at a reading as most of his other books are more comical in nature. His books peppered my childhood and I can't wait until they're incorporated into that of my kids, tears or no.

I cry at those two books, too. I picked it up at a yard sale and my husband and I tossed it back and forth for a few months in a phony emotional war, "No, go ask Daddy to read it! He loves it! He never starts crying most of the time during the end part Okay, he almost always cries! Go ask him!"

That is so incredibly sweet. Just beautiful.

Oh that is so sweet!

I've actually never read Love You Forever. But I always cry at Angel in the Waters. (I think that's why they don't ask for it anymore.) And I get choked up at the final chapter of The House at Pooh Corner.

Love, love that book! Thank you for sharing your experience with it.

Haven't read this, but Clown of God makes me cry, too.

You have the sweetest kids! I actually did read that book before I had children (my mom loves it and cries every time she reads it too). I didn't think it was creepy, but I think that's because I knew how much my mom loved it. I didn't really GET it until I had kids though. I'm not really a crier, but this book gets me every single time. It's nice to know I'm in good company!

Oh, my goodness. Beautiful! and wonderful of your kids to "fix" that story for you! :)

I was at a baby shower this weekend and the mom-to-be received a copy of Guess How Much I Love You. (The one that makes ME cry.) The older woman sitting next to me asked me what the book is about, and as I was explaining to her about "..to the moon...and back," I got teary-eyed! In broad daylight with none of my kids in sight. Pathetic! But man, those heartwarming board books'll get ya every time.

What a beautiful post; your mothering is paying big dividends and I couldn't be happier for you. ((hugs))

The book that makes me sob is "Someday". I'm tearing up just thinking about it.

Good post. :)

That book has always made me cry since I first read it when I was working in a bookstore at age 19...and this is someone who never aspired to even have children!

Have you read "Old Turtle." LeighAnn and I read it in a gift shop in a zoo and both stood there crying like idiots.

The Happy Prince and the Selfish Giant always get me too. I also cry at the end of Watership Down - which I think you influenced me to read many, many years ago. :)

"The Clown of God" KILLS me. "For You, sweet child. For You."

And "On the Day You Were Born" -- I'm OK on that one until the actual birth, and the greeting of the new baby. DS is 5 and I have yet to be able to read it straight through and still be in full voice by the end.

Read "Angel in the Waters" in the store once, and didn't have it in me to buy it: was too busy crying. When DS sometimes says that he misses being a baby, I think, "Well, no wonder."

And "The Littlest Angel." The little boy's box, full of all the little boy treasures he had loved...given humbly and tenderly to another Little Boy -- and his fear (unfounded) that his gift won't be gift enough. I haven't even TRIED to read this one to DS yet.

Oooh, the Happy Prince and The Selfish Giant. I've been reading The Selfish Giant to my son, and I always cry. We haven't gotten to The Happy Prince yet. Soon.

So glad you guys enjoyed the post! Looking forward to checking out some of these books. :-)

I always have to struggle not to choke up while reading out loud. I just choked up today reading a very as-a-matter-of-fact biography of L.M. Montgomery to the boys. They think I'm crazy. "The whole still-born thing *is* sad, mama, but why do you have to cry?"

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