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May 24, 2011


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Very, very glad your rough visit is over. I'm so sorry they can't give you proper anesthesia; I've heard of over-metabolizers before but never due to red hair. Interesting.

I think dental work is way more traumatic than we expect it to be. The last time I had some work done, I spent the whole time hoping madly that I would escape without crying in front of anyone.
I did, but then I just went right home and wept on my mom's shoulder. And it didn't even HURT, not really.
Glad you're feeling better.

Jamie - Glad you're home and all is better. Interestingly, I am an under-metabolizer of novacaine, so I am almost instantly numb following the injection and the site of numbness spreads and continues for about five hours. One shot to my lower jaw, and nearly my entire face (and ear!) will get numb. Cranial nerves unite!

You poor thing!

I also have problems with numbing at the dentist, always have even as a young child, last time I needed some extra shots just to fill a cavity...

dentist kept saying, "You can feel that? Really?"

no, sir I enjoy shots of pain meds in my mouth so much I am joshing you...

Ha, you sound like me. If I could just understand everything, nothing would ever be scary or painful, I'm sure of it. Google helps me cope with all kinds of stress.

I apparently metabolize the dentists' numbing drugs very slowly. It was a long time before I could convince them to leave me alone for a while, not to get frustrated and give me a second shot. When they give me a second shot I'm numb for most of the day afterward.

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