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May 27, 2011


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I think this is a lovely post. I'm glad you got the better of your inner editor.

I know I'm guilty of offering the odd swat on the bottom when things get out of hand. It's usually when I'm out of other ideas and need cooperation over perfection. I have two kids who have gotten to this point on a regular basis, but one kid who has almost NEVER required the added incentive of bum swatting.

I know it's not the perfect solution, but sometimes it's the only one I have at hand. Hee, hee. I'm pretty sure, though, that what will stick with my kids longest in terms of my faults as a parent won't be the odd bum swat, but the hurtful words and the impatience I am also sometimes guilty of as a mom. I guess that's how we teach our kids about grace and forgiveness. By humbling ourselves and asking them for it when we know we've been wrong.

This is a lovely post and I can't wait to see the comments if Sarah's is any indication; I love intelligent and thoughtful conversation about motherhood. When I'm less tired I hope to have more insightful things to say. Now, though, I'll just say how sweet it was that you brought the family a meal. People did that for us after both children and that little kindness meant the world to me. It taught me a lot about what "church" is and made me want to pay it forward in whatever ways I can. I also love the box of fudgecicles, mostly because I love fudgecicles and would have appreciated that.

I tried to comment this morning but Typepad wouldn't let me -- it kept saying "Meditation error," I swear. ?!?!?

So I worked my comment up into a blog post instead, as you saw.

Great post. You are an inspiration.

Thank you; I needed this today.

Do you do that unfortunate thing when you feel disapproval from someone else, that thing where you find yourself looking for something to criticize in return? "Well, my daughter may be a shrieking lunatic, but hey-- your tie is totally crooked!" No?? It's just me??

P.S. It's not just you.

I've been trying. Have left this window open in my browser, but I can't think of any thoughtful or insightful comments. Just. Thank you. I'm glad you decided to publish this.

Probably the only thing I have really learned in 18 years of parenting many children is to NEVER judge anyone else's situation or response. Every time I have had righteous indignation regarding some family's situation, I have had to eat those opinions, sometimes years later. I may not choose to do the same thing, but I will not presume to understand other's lives to that degree. Every time I have said, "I would never let my kids to that", I have had those words echo in my memory as I have been proven to be a liar. There are some basics in parenting that must be acknowledged, but how to carry through? Very, very individual. I can share what worked for me, or maybe save some trial and error frustration for someone else, but judge? Not any more.

I don't have one interesting word of comment, but thank you for posting this. And no, it's not just you.

It's not just you. It's me as well.

I loved this post. LOVED it. It is a reminder to me, and I badly needed the slap upside the head right now.


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