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May 23, 2011


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Did someone say mittens? Cretin mittens? Is that some new insider-joke pattern on Ravelry? I would knit that!

I really did start Cymbeline last month. I'm just to the scene in her bedchamber, waiting for Iachimo to steal the bracelet. As soon as I saw where that was going to end up, I lost the heart to keep reading. I'm so lame.

Someone really needs to design some Shakespearean cretin mittens for both of us.

Ooh, I think it's time for one of you to design some Cretin mittens. Maybe we'll leave the designing of the socks to Cookie A?

I don't know if this will be of use to you, but I found Stephen Booth's book Shakespeare's Sonnets very interesting and helpful and I really enjoy Rufus Wainwright's sonnet renditions as heard in his CD, Songs for Lulu (especially Sonnet 20 (a woman's face . . .).

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