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April 17, 2011


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It's very good for me to read these considerations because as you know from my blog (if not, you should check my little one's first goal ;) I have just become a "soccer mom" myself and Kelvin will probably play next year too (the games of their 2 teams are usually at the same time in nearby fields -- the biggest challenge will be watching both games and supporting both boys at once ;).

I commented over at Erin's blog, but just wanted to say that I totally agree with you, Jamie! I only have 3 kids, but elementary team sports have been great for all the reasons you say. If we have more kids, it will be a priority for us to continue trying to make it work. We make heavy use of carpooling and that's really helped us. I am super-impressed that you manage with only one car though!!

Good points. Although I don't really like to identify myself as a soccer mom, and we started out with a really low-key homeschool league and now have moved up to a more competitive league for the older kids, now we've reached a stage in life in which the whole family actually enjoys hanging out at the soccer fields on Saturdays, as long as the weather isn't too horrible. Cheap entertainment and moderately fulfilling family time since everyone's happy. And since we move around a lot, it's been a nice place for community time, too. When it starts getting stressful, we'll move on. I suppose that's the key: recognizing when something is pulling your family apart instead of bringing it together.

I think it's the type of soccer you do that makes it work. Sounds like a great organization. My sister's oldest does a travel team and it's a crazy schedule with just one child participating!

An important point is that you are giving your children the opportunity to develop their independence. All the driving required to get so many kids to so many different places could easily drive you crazy. By teaching them to use the bus system and to ride their bikes to some places you're giving them urban survival skills and independence. Those are just as important as what they learn on the soccer field. I think you're doing a great job.

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