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March 03, 2011


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They're CUTENESS personified!! Particularly those darling "please pinch me!" cheeks of your gorgeous girl. Do you pinch them much? I did lots and lots when I had a "pinch-ilicious" boy. Sigh. Should post a photo of him in all his cheeky glory... swoon... (and I still do pinch and "bite" my boy's cheeks, but he's going to be 7 soon and he's losing most of his "baby-ishness." :(

In any case, thanks for the beautiful photo I wish you can have lots of fortitude to deal with the craziness.

Look how big she is! And adorable! The boys are cute too :)

I finally posted in my blog too after having too much going on and no way to say it. So I get it.

What beautiful children you have!

She is so big! And I have to say, your kids have the best cheeks ever :)

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