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March 28, 2011


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Yay you! (And you do not sound braggy.) Keep plugging away!

I think that being commended for your clarity of writing is totally brag-worthy. My pet peeve in technical academia was always unclear writing. Any press that clear writing gets is good press, if you ask me.

Bonus points for being engaging and meticulous.

I think a little bragging is just fine. You're pretty upfront about your imperfections, so you have every right to be upfront about your assets.

I'm curious what MD is. When the paper is published will you link to the abstract so we can all "ooh" and "ah" over it?

Congratulations! You certainly have earned a moment to bask in the rewards of all of your labors. I'm really interested to read more about your research (from a non-mathematical point of view).

Congratulations, Jamie! I'd love to read it one day, with your last name redacted, of course.

I am so curious to know WHAT the disorder is. I wonder if I'll see it or other ones in my son whose posterior tongue-tie wouldn't allow him to effectively latch but who did get (hand-expressed) breast milk until 17 months? His now seven-month-old sister has been successfully breastfeeding all along, so I wonder if I'll see speech differences between them?

Congratulations!! That is just WONDERFUL!!

In any case... have you been asked to resubmit it in another format? Or are you just doing it because it'd have a better chance of acceptance or of promulgating your work? just curious. ;)

Thanks, everybody! I appreciate the kind words.

Lilian, changing the format was one of their recommendations and it makes a lot of sense.

Jamie, that's fantastic! Oh, and I hope you'll share the paper when it comes out, because having a vague sense of what you've been doing with the stats package, I really want to read that paper!

(Also, if it makes you feel better, the turn-around on first peer review in Calder's field averages 9-12 months. That's FIRST review.)

"It ain't braggin' if it's true."

Well done, you! I'm so happy for you to have gotten such a good review, and what sounds like very constructive criticism. Good luck with the workload; I know you can do it!

Not braggy. Worked hard, got rewarded -- isn't that something we like all like to see, even if we know it's not how things always work?

That's just terrific, Jamie! Not braggy at all-- the fruits of some seriously hard work is what that is. :) I, too, would love to see the paper when it's published. Good luck with the revisions!

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